“Corporate Toolkit 8” is designed to improve the performance, scalability and reliability of information systems operating on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform by solving a wide range of technical problems that arise at all stages of the information system life cycle. The product will be most useful when implementing relatively large – corporate – information systems, characterized by a heavy workload on the system and a large number of jobs. “Corporate toolkit” can be used both independently (for example, to assess the applicability of a typical configuration for solving client problems), and as an additional tool that allows improving the quality of the implemented or already implemented system.


  • Carrying out multi-user stress testing without the participation of real users
  • Evaluation of the applicability of the system under given conditions
  • Scalability assessment of the system
  • Selection of server hardware and software
  • Obtaining objective (numerical) indicators of system performance during its load testing or operational operation
  • Collecting and storing information about the dynamics of system performance over time
  • Search and analysis of bottlenecks and optimization of system code
  • Automated functional testing of configurations
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