(based on APS-WEB module for MHP processing complex)


WEB-system is a system of preparation, forecasting and operational planning of production (SPP and OMP). It is designed for meat and poultry processing complexes of the full production cycle, from receipt of alive raw materials to the shipment of finished products.

SPP and OMP consist of the following modules:

  1. Production preparation module:

– maintenance of NRI

– design of compositional and recipe specifications

– design of technological processes of production of semi-finished and finished products

– adjustment of parameters and equipment operation schedules

  1. Balancing and forecast production planning module

– allows creating forecast production plans for a year, quarter, month, month by days taking into account the amount of incoming raw materials and orders for finished products

  1. Module for the operational planning of the production of finished products

– allows you to accurately plan the production day, based on the availability of raw materials, productivity and availability of installed equipment, availability of production personnel. The system calculates optimal model of production processes, automatically builds up the production chains of SFP and FP on the basis of set optimization criteria of production orders and the schedule of FP shipment to customers.

  1. The module of dispatching and operational management of production

– makes it possible to automatically create shift and daily assignments by work centers

– promptly re-plan the remainder of the production period on the basis of corrections by the actual data of production resources (availability of raw materials, capacities of the work centers, staff).

– plan schedules for material supply and staff shifts

The system is designed to automate the work of the planning department, production and dispatching, and production departments of meat-processing plants. It allows to forecast production and build its digital model.


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