What questions will the PMO system answer?

  • What are the planned dates of the production program, how to manage them?
  • How to plan the dates of shipment of finished products?
  • Where are the bottlenecks or unused production facilities?
  • How to optimize production cycle time and inventory levels?
  • How to manage orders for existing resources and production capacity, with their current load?
  • Is there a delay in the implementation of the production program from the planned dates?
  • How to understand the readiness of the production program in the context of orders, components and assemblies?

Solution Architecture


Production planning and management:

  • Maintaining a portfolio of orders, production profile management;
  • Automating the life cycle of an order (from creation to execution);
  • Reservation of finished components under the production order;
  • Formation of the procurement plan and orders to suppliers based on production orders;
  • Scheduling of production, taking into account the prioritization of orders;
  • Analysis of the feasibility of the order within a specified time frame;
  • Updating the production program;
  • Analysis of the employment of work centers in real time;
  • Optimization of loading machine;
  • Dispatching production;
  • Group management of tasks in production (discharge, closure, fixing a marriage in production);
  • Operational control of the readiness of components and assemblies.

Technical preparation of production

KTD Kit Preparation

Loading stock from PDM

List of reports received:

Production specification

Tool list

Bill of Materials

Statement of the specified labor intensity by product

Maintaining a portfolio of orders

Order statuses. Specification of production order.

Production planning

Work with user profiles

Reservation of finished semi-finished products in warehouses

Formation of the order to the supplier of materials and components

Planning and actual execution of orders and start-ups

Detailed information on the technological operation in the order

Production Order Planning

Adjustment of the production plan on the Gantt chart.

Recalculation of the production program on the date of relevance

Creating a document "Requirement-invoice" for the release of materials

Display of equipment load in general and in the context of the analyst

Control the lag from the production plan

Providing operational information about the real state of implementation of the production plan for making management decisions, with the possibility of updating data.

Display of equipment load in general and in the context of the analyst

Work with production tasks

Statement of orders

Dispatching production

Reinsurance work

Extract of daily tasks

Closing production targets

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