Salary and Human Resources Management

The program “Salary and Personnel Management for Ukraine” is a powerful tool for implementing the personnel policy of the enterprise, as well as automating various services of the enterprise, from the personnel management service and line managers to the accounting staff. For the purpose of accounting, the joint work of the applied solution “Salary and Personnel Management 8 for Ukraine” is provided with the program “Accounting 8 for Ukraine”.


  • Staffing Requirements Planning
  • Providing business with human resources
  • Competence management and employee certification
  • Management of staff training
  • Management of financial motivation of personnel
  • Effective employment planning for staff
  • Personnel accounting and personnel analysis
  • Labor relations, including personnel records management
  • Calculation of staff salaries
  • Managing cash settlements with staff, including depositing
  • Calculation of taxes and fees regulated by the legislation from the payroll fund
  • Reflection of accrued wages and taxes in enterprise costs


Employees of the company

At any time they will be able to quickly get the necessary information, information about their vacation, personalized records in the Pension Fund, etc.

Human Resources

  • It conducts personnel records: records of the length of staff, records of movement, both for internal purposes, and for the implementation of Ukrainian legislation
  • Employee Planning Tool

HR-managers and recruiters

  • A recruitment tool that allows to carry out the entire recruitment process, including: the formation of text for a particular post, correspondence with candidates by e-mail, interview planning, questionnaire collection from applicants
  • Instrumentation of competence management and performance appraisals
  • Toolkit for managing employees’ training

Company management

  • Has complete control over what is happening
  • Defines the structure of the enterprise and its constituent organizations
  • Analyze the staffing
  • Adopts management decisions based on complete and reliable information
  • Powerful analytical reports provide the user with information in arbitrary sections
  • Tool for developing employee motivation schemes and their analysis

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