“Courier City”: it is a service-aggregator that is designed to solve the problems of delivery of different types of goods, both inside and outside the country

Main metrics for the service:

  • an entirely new business model for providing courier delivery services to consumers;
  • the opportunity to call a courier right now and see how it fulfills your order;
  • fast and cheap courier delivery of documents, parcels, products, goods;
  • delivery of your cargo around the city from 29 UAH for 1 hour;
  • work of couriers 24 hours a day without days off;
  • control of each step of the courier that fulfills your order;
  • no risks, because your cargo is insured and payment by courier only after delivery, payment in cash or through payment systems;
  • no bills, invoices, checks – only the electronic form of accounting for legal entities EDS.

Description of the features of the "Courier City" service

Types of deliveries:

  • Mail and documents;
  • Parcels;
  • Products;
  • Delivery of goods of any size.

Types of deliveries:

  • City delivery – delivery in a city within an hour;
  • Long-distance delivery on the same day;
  • International delivery the next day.

Our advantages:

  • Work schedule 24/7 without days off;
  • The social price of the service;
  • Calling the courier at the touch of a button;
  • Calculation of lead time;
  • You can see how the courier performs your order;
  • Delivery in the city for 1 hour;
  • Guarantee of delivery;
  • Your cargo is insured;
  • Notification of the sender and the recipient of the delivery;
  • Flexible payment system: prepayment, payment for the recipient,
  • Cash or non-cash payment upon receipt of the goods.

Description of the service "Courier City"

Login to the service

Used to enter the application or register

Registration of the user of the service.
Data is entered for user registration.
After the registration, you can place an order

The user of the service (customer). The main screen of the customer.
Allows you to see the presence of couriers, make an order, go to the list of their orders.
From the menu you can go to the settings of the program and personal data. Users registered as a courier can switch to the courier screen.

Create an order.
Allows you to enter or select shipping addresses on the map, specify the recipient and his phone, the parcel settings, and also call the courier.

Route map.
For new orders, you can specify the starting and ending points of the route. Displays the name of the address, the distance and the length of the delivery.

List of customer orders.
Shows a list of customer orders, divided by the execution status into categories (created, executed, executed, etc.)

Courier. Courier main screen.
Allows you to switch to viewing orders for execution or debt before the service. Also here the courier sets the readiness flag to accept orders, while becoming visible to customers on their mobile devices on the map and the application changes its color. You can switch to the order creation mode as a regular customer. There is an application settings menu.

List of courier orders.
Shows the list of orders that the courier can perform or performed. Divided into categories – incoming, executed, executed, etc. For incoming orders, you can open the order details and accept the order for execution.

Details of the order.
Opens the order details for viewing. With the corresponding status of the order, the courier can accept the order or cancel the order.

Shows indebtedness of the courier before the service. When exceeding the debt, the courier is notified of the need to pay off the debt.

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