BAS Document Management CORP is an innovative ECM-class solution (Enterprise Content Management) with a wide range of capabilities for managing business processes and collaborative work of employees.

Functionality of the application solution

“BAS Document turnover of CORP” in the complex solves a wide range of problems of automation of document accounting, employee interaction, control and analysis of the performance discipline. The program supports multi-user work on the local network or over the Internet. “BAS Document turnover of CORP” complies with all legislative and regulatory requirements that regulate the procedure for working with documents.

Compliance with Ukrainian legislation

“BAS Document turnover of CORP” allows you to automate the business processes of organizational and administrative workflow in accordance with the main decisions and laws that regulate the management of document management and document circulation in Ukraine:

  • Law of Ukraine dated May 22, 2003 No. 851-IV “About electronic documents and electronic document management”
  • Law of Ukraine dated July 5, 1994 No. 80/94-ВР “About zahist information in the information and telecommunications systems”
  • Law of Ukraine dated 02.10.1996 No. 393/96-ВР “About the beast of the Gromadyans”
  • Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 30, 2011 No. 1242 “About the solidification of the Type Legislation of the economic development of the central bodies of the vikonavochia vladi, Radi Ministries of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the local authorities of the Vikonavochya Vlada”
  • Decree of Cabinet of Ministers dated 28.10.2004 №1453 “About solidification of the Standard Order of the electronic document in the authorities of the Vikonavochy Vlada”

Work with documents

“BAS Document circulation CORP” allows you to work with documents of any type. Each document is accompanied by a registration and registration card, the set of details of which corresponds to the “Instruction for office work No. 1153 of 17.10.1997”, the resolution of the CMU “On the approval of the standard procedure for the implementation of electronic document management in the bodies.”

Storage and access rights

In the configuration of the “BAS Document Workflow CORP” program, internal documents and files are stored in a folder structure with account for access rights.

The folder structure can be formed in accordance with the organizational structure of the enterprise or by document types.

Each folder is set to allow users, groups of users to perform various operations: reading, adding, editing or deleting.

In addition to this, all “BAS Document Workflow” configuration data is limited to access rights depending on the types of documents, access letters to documents, correspondent groups and groups of individuals, organizations and activities.
Directly the files can be stored both in the information database and in the volumes on the disk.

Automatic download of files from the directory

The program can automatically download files to the specified directory on the local network. As soon as a file or folder with files appears in this directory, they are immediately transferred to the Workflow folder while preserving the original names and structure of the subfolders. The downloaded files are automatically recognized, indexed and can be immediately involved in the workflow of your enterprise. It is convenient to use for integration, for example, with network stream scanners, fax machines and other applications.

Registration of incoming and outgoing documents

“BAS Documents circulation CORP” allows you to keep records and registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence. At the same time, automatic generation of through registration numbers is carried out according to complex rules.
Registration of documents is made in accordance with state standards, standard instructions and traditions of domestic records management.

Registration of the document is accompanied by the following processes:

  • the account of the arrived documents, the press of bar codes and registration stamps;
  • automation of the procedure for reviewing documents and subsequent setting for control;
  • notification of performers;
  • support for the scheduled deadlines for the execution of documents;
  • the formation of cases, the transfer of closed cases to archive storage or destruction;
  • the subsequent formation of reports on receipt and execution of documents, on overdue documents.

Accounting of citizens’ applications

The program provides for the registration and processing of citizens ‘appeals in accordance with the Law of Ukraine No. 393/96-ВР of 02.10.1996 “On Citizens’ Appeals.”

It provides for the registration of duplicates and repeated appeals, as well as accounting for the redirection of citizens’ appeals to outside organizations and from them.
To work with citizens ‘appeals, a special workplace is used, in which the specialist immediately sees all the citizens’ applications received, the history of correspondence and other accompanying information on them. To analyze and control the execution of citizens’ appeals, the reports “Execution of citizens’ appeals”, “Structure of appeals for the period”, “Dynamics of the number of appeals”, “List of citizens’ appeals” are used.

Accounting of contract

The “BAS Document Management of CORP” automated the full life cycle of contractual documents:
preparation of the draft contract:

  • agreement on the draft treaty, both external and internal;
  • registration of all documents related to the contract, for example, acts, additional agreements;
  • accounting and control over the validity of contracts;
  • automatic extension of the validity period according to the rules specified in the contract;
  • multicurrency accounting of contract amounts;
  • accounting and control of the performance of financial obligations under the contract;
  • control of the availability of accompanying documents under the contract, for example, an invoice;
  • control of the return of transferred copies of documents under the contract;
  • termination of an agreement.

For the analysis of contractual work, such reports as “List of concluded contracts”, “Agreements with expiring period of validity”, “Accompanying documents under the contract”, “Dynamics of the number of concluded contracts”, “Dynamics of amounts of concluded contracts”, “Terminated contracts” are provided.


In the “BAS Document Management CORP” provides the ability to download incoming, outgoing, internal documents and files from scanners of any type that support the interface TWAIN. Scanning is carried out in formats jpg, pdf and tif, including multi-page.
It supports streaming scanning with automatic recognition of document barcodes and the formation of multi-page tif or pdf files.

There is automatic recognition of scanned images and full-text search by recognized documents.


The internal mail embedded in the “BAS Document Workflow of CORP” allows you to:

  • Send any documents or files by e-mail directly from the program.
  • Download input or internal documents by e-mail.
  • When using EDS, send and receive signed and encrypted files.
  • Search for letters by details and with the help of a quick search, to search among other things, and by textual content of letters.
  • In addition, the program automatically tracks the mail and displays a message that pops up in the lower right corner when new messages arrive. If the letter was written, the program reports this, displaying hyperlinks in the reading area and a letter card.

Completing tasks by mail

The task can be performed by mail, simply responding to special mail messages automatically sent by the program.

View, edit and control versions

To view and edit the documents, BAS Document Management Corp. uses the appropriate applications installed on the local users’ computers.

Everyday work with documents and files is performed directly on the “desktop”; the user sees a list of edited documents and a list of uncompleted tasks, provides a “Desktop” setting with the ability to delete, add or swap elements of a particular section.

“BAS Document Workflow CORP” provides staff access to files, both for viewing and editing. Conflicts with simultaneous editing of documents are excluded due to the mechanism of blocking files.

If you save the changes in the information database, a new version of the file is automatically created with the author’s name, date and time of creation.

Directly from the file card you can see the list of versions, delete unnecessary, change the active (current) version. For popular file formats (doc, rtf, html, txt, odt), version comparison is supported.

Document and file templates

In the “BAS Document Management of CORP”, users can configure and use automatically filled-in templates for files and documents. When creating a new file from the template, the template fields are automatically filled with credentials, for example, title, author, creation date, contract amount, counterparty details.

When creating a new document from a template, its requisites are immediately filled in by template, and all the files specified in the template are automatically attached to the document, which in turn are automatically filled in based on the details of the document.

Barcoding of documents

In the “BAS Document circulation of CORP” all documents are automatically assigned a barcode that can be:

  • print on a separate sheet;
  • print over the title page of a paper document;
  • print on the label;
  • paste in electronic document as Image.

Barcodes are used for quick search of registration cards of documents and for automatic attachment of files to documents during stream scanning.

Printing of registration stamps of documents

In the “BAS Document Management of CORP”, users can print a registration stamp of the document, which contains the name of the organization, registration number and registration date, barcode. The registration stamp can be printed both on a separate sheet and over the title page of a paper document.

Links between documents

In the “BAS Documentation of CORP”, there are standard links between documents that are automatically installed, for example, when registering response documents. The program allows you to configure additional links between documents and specify the rules for using these links for document types. Single, multiple, one-sided and two-way communications are supported.

Several resolutions in documents

In the document card “BAS Documents, CORP”, you can specify several resolutions. Resolutions are automatically generated by the Business Process “Review” or can be entered manually. At the same time, authors of resolutions can be not only employees of your enterprise or institution, but also officials of outside organizations.

Forwarding of incoming documents

In the program “BAS Document circulation of CORP”, you can take forwarding incoming documents to third-party organizations, as well as receiving forwarded incoming documents from outside organizations. In this case, the program allows you to control the execution of redirected documents.

Control of transferred documents

The account of transfer of documents to officials of correspondents is stipulated and control of terms of return of the transferred documents is provided.

Business processes and user work

In the “BAS Document Management of CORP” program, the collective work with documents is realized with the help of the following business processes:

  • Consideration: the document falls on consideration to the head and with its resolution returns to the author of the document. At the same time, directly in the process of consideration, an official may issue a text resolution or send a document for execution or familiarization.
  • Execution: the document is submitted for execution to all users on the list and to the controller for observance of the performance discipline. One of the users can be appointed as a responsible performer.
  • Approval: the documents attached to such a business process are subject to approval by the specified respondents and then return to the author of this business process for reviewing the results of the reconciliation or sending them for re-negotiation. In the “BAS Documentoobog KORP” supported options for coordination, such as:
    • parallel;
    • consistent;
    • mixed (parallel and sequential), including taking into account the routing conditions.
  • Approval: the document is submitted for approval to the responsible person and returns to the author of the document to get acquainted with the result of the statement.
  • Registration: the document gets to the secretary for assigning a registration number, putting the seal of the organization and sending it to the correspondent.
  • Acquaintance: with the help of this business process the necessary document is sent to all users on the list for acquaintance.
  • Order: with the help of this business process, you can issue orders to employees and check their execution.
  • Processing of the incoming document: this business process automates the entire cycle of processing the incoming document – review, execution, writing-off.
  • Outbound document processing: this business process automates the full cycle of creating an outgoing document – agreement, approval, registration.

It is possible to assign tasks not only to specific performers, but also roles. For example, a document can be submitted for approval of the role of “Director”, and the program will automatically deliver the corresponding task to the person who currently performs this role – the director himself or his deputy.

To ensure strict routing, it is possible to configure business process route templates for each document type, taking into account conditional routing. So, for example, to agree contracts that amount to more than 20 thousand hryvnia, one template will be used, and to harmonize all other contracts – another. Routing conditions can be configured in design mode or in the built-in language.

The deadlines for executing business processes are monitored taking into account the work schedules of employees and can be calculated not only in days, but also in hours and even minutes.

The automatic start of business processes on a schedule is realized.

A hierarchy of subordination of business processes and their tasks is supported. When creating a business process, you can specify that it is subordinate to the task of another business process. Thus, a hierarchy of business processes and tasks is built, which all participants of these business processes can see with regard to access rights.

It is possible to temporarily stop business processes, which extends to all subordinate business processes and their tasks.

Integration of business processes with other information bases

The main purpose of this integration mechanism is to automate such data processing processes that cross the boundaries of various information bases; make crossing these boundaries imperceptible to users. An example of a business process that crosses the boundaries of configurations: the process of processing a customer’s order begins in the information base “Trade Management” edition 3, continues in the “BAS Document Management of CORP” and ends again in “Trade Management”.

Ease of work for every day

The “Current Affairs” window on the desktop opens when the program starts. It shows summary information on the tasks of the user and subordinates (for managers), calendar events, mail messages and forum for events, work with documents, and time tracking.
The My Tasks window displays the task lists of the current user on the “Task to me” and “Task from me” tabs. The “Task Me” tab displays tasks assigned to the current user directly, through roles or by delegation. The “Task from me” tab shows the tasks the current user is author.
The task can be marked with flags of different colors. This is useful when working with a large number of tasks.


An electronic document is a structured data set containing the requisite and content part. Requisites of the document and information of its content can be used in the process of searching for a specific document.
In the “BAS Document Management of CORP” a full-text search of any data (documents, files) is performed not only for all fields of cards, but also for the contents of versions of files of popular formats, taking into account the morphology of Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Accounting of working hours and control of execution

The data of working time recording and the possibility of its control provide the manager with information for making managerial decisions and allow to optimize the work of employees.
The program implements the daily reporting of employees, which includes data on time, project, work content. Based on this information, you can build various reports on the time spent by employees in terms of types of work, units or periods.
The program allows you to keep a general and personal calendars and to choose time for events taking into account the participants’ employment. You can create a calendar on the basis of any other program subject, for example, a task, a document, a letter, an event.

Organization of distributed information base

In the “BAS Document Workflow CORP” provides work in the distributed information base mode, including for the option of storing files not in the information base, but on the disk.

Exchange of data with other typical configurations

In the “BAS Document Management of CORP,” there are built-in exchange plans with typical configurations.
In addition to the delivery of the program releases, exchange rules with other applied solutions are included. These exchange rules are ready to use and configure the exchange using the “Universal data exchange in XML format” processing.

Web services for working with files

“BAS Document circulation of CORP” can act as an external library of files relative to other systems. The interaction between BAS Document Management and the other application is carried out using web services.

Application of the program as a file library allows:

  • add attachments to the objects of your information database;
  • unload your information base by transferring the saved files to “BAS Documentoobog KORP”;
  • to provide safe, reliable and centralized storage of unstructured information of your enterprise;
  • integrate files related to your information base into the enterprise’s overall workflow;
  • organize a single file storage for various information bases and applications.
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