Using this site, advertising and promotion of products and services, communication with potential users, and information and technical support for customers are provided. In the framework of the project, the following list of tasks was completed:

  • Designed templates and themes for page design;
  • The structure of catalogs of products and services has been created;
  • The functionality of quick site search has been developed;
  • Developed functionality for sorting and filtering products alphabetically, vendors and applications;
  • Feedback forms and pop-up forms have been created (“Subscribing to news” using Unisender, “Registering for an event” and “Ask a specialist a question”);
  • Configured multilingual plugin;
  • The site has been adapted for the mobile version;
  • Implemented automatic uploading of the price list to products on the corporate website with import / export tools;
  • Added functionality with active buttons of social networks with the ability to subscribe or share news;
  • Implemented functionality to restrict access to content to specific users;
  • The instructions for working with the site content in WordPress were created and the webmasters were trained.

Main page with pop-up form

Filter Products Page

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