“MHP”, the leading agricultural holding in Ukraine, has introduced for industrial operation the development of our company – a system of predictive planning of poultry production. This system represents the integration of the production planning and management system, which was developed by us earlier, with the accounting system of “MHP” processing complex according to a customized schedule.

The system is designed for:

  • the timely execution of concluded contracts, namely for calculating the required time for placing birds for their further processing, taking into account current and virtual needs;
  • a detailed analysis of production indicators and obtaining effective tools;
  • optimizing business processes and increasing the efficiency of “MHP”.

The production planning system makes it possible to build forecast plans with different time description according to certain parameters and criteria – year, quarter, month in general and month in the context of days.

Fig.1 Forecast production plan

When building forecast plans, optimization balancing of raw materials supply is carried out (taking into account lots, expiration dates, grade of quality and calibers), sales plans and order priorities, throughput of work centers and logistical availability of production equipment, etc.

Fig.2 Building forecast plans

Production planning algorithms provide for the formation of not only production orders to meet current needs, but also planning a proactive launch to meet the needs of future periods.

Fig.3. Production orders

Analytics on a specific production plan, as well as comparison services (in graphical and tabular forms, see Figure 4) of different versions of the plan (built with different initial data or using different parameters of scheduling optimization) are available for the users of the system.

Fig.4. Comparison of forecast plan versions

Among the possibilities of planning and analysis of production, the following functions should be noted: – determining the need for materials (in quantitative and cost expressions) and calculating the schedules of their delivery;

– calculation and planning of loading of work centers (equipment);

– determining the need for personnel in terms of time intervals of planning, work centers and professions (types of work);

– preparation of primary data for the module of organizational and economic preparation of production regarding the planned calculation and analysis of the cost price structure of products (taking into account the input raw materials, the cost of purchased materials, personnel needs, consumption of resources by work centers, etc.).

Fig.5. Production plan

 Currently, the product we have developed is integrated with other customer’s accounting systems.

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