APS-Enterprise is a scalable system that includes many configurations.

APS-Enterprise is a network software product, operates within a single information environment and uses client-server technology to access databases of the industry standard Oracle. The configuration of workplaces and the distribution of user access rights are configured taking into account an integrated security system.

Purpose of the system

1. Collect in a single database all information about the product:

  • The composition of the product (with graphical and textual information)
  • Applied materials, components, purchased products
  • Manufacturing and assembly process
  • Applied equipment, tools, rigging, appliances

2. Automate the functional (object) model of CCI:

  • Maintenance of the product
  • Design of technological processes
  • Designing of missile disposal
  • Material and labor standards
  • Preparation and calculation of the operational production plan
  • Calculation of required resources for production

3. Describe and build a process model of the enterprise:

  • Design and approval of CD, TD
  • Complete production of necessary resources
  • Production planning
  • Dispatching of production processes in the enterprise
  • Calculation of equipment and accounting of movement of goods and materials in production
  • Ensuring an uninterrupted production process

Platform Features

  • Self-sufficiency:
    – Presence of the built in development and administration tool
  • Adaptability:
    – rapid response of the system to changes in external factors

– completion of configurations in the “real time” mode (without decommissioning the system)

  • Scalability:
    – implementation and operation of the system at enterprises of different scales and directions
  • Reliability
    – high degree of protection and reliability of information storage

Building a unified information model for the production of products


APS-Configurator gives full access to the supplied configuration and allows you to configure users’ workstations, create and edit objects and their properties in the system, develop new applications and connect their data to existing ones.

Fully open architecture allows integration with CAD systems, accounting and inventory systems and other structured systems.

Main Window

1 – the main menu;

2 – the toolbar;

3 – drop-down tab “configuration;

4 – workspace for creating visual forms and writing a script;

5 – a drop-down tab with a set of properties and functions;

6 – panel of visual components;

7 – the status bar.

Configurations panel

Create configurations and objects using icons located on the toolbar.

APS-Configurator. Structure

APS-Server. Structure

Development of the object

Report Designer

Access rights

User Interfaces

System kernel update system

  • Kernel versioning
  • The mechanism for comparing versions with the ability to edit scripts
  • Storage and transfer of system table data

APS System Management

Teamwork on the project

Reduction of development time

Import - Export configurations

The mode of import / export of configurations is implemented on a single mechanism. Only the data source changes.

The composition of the information base elements is formed with any detail:

  • Configurations
  • Arbitrary objects
  • Roles
  • User interfaces

When you transfer a configuration, you can transfer not only the metadata of objects, but also application data.

The mode of import / export of configurations is implemented on a single mechanism. Only the recipient of the data changes.

In this example, the configuration objects and their data were uploaded to the file along the specified path.

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