“Accounting 8 for Ukraine” is a ready-made solution for the automation of accounting and tax accounting in organizations that carry out any kind of commercial activity: wholesale and retail trade, commission trade, provision of services, production, etc. Also, thanks to the support of different taxation systems, with the help of Accounting 8, private entrepreneurs can also keep records, using a simplified or general taxation system.

The configuration is developed on the modern “Taxi” interface, it is possible to work through the Web-interface.

“Accounting for Ukraine” fully meets all the legislative requirements of Ukraine on accounting and tax accounting.

Functional possibilities «Accounting for Ukraine 2.0»

  • Accounting and tax accounting of several organizations in one information base
  • Accounting for organizations using different taxation systems (Income Tax and VAT, Unified Tax)
  • Inventory accounting
  • Inventory control
  • Accounting of trading operations
  • Accounting for commission trade
  • Accounting for container operations
  • Accounting for Banking and Cash Operations
  • Accounting for settlements with counterparties
  • Accounting for fixed assets, intangible and low-value assets
  • Main and auxiliary production accounting
  • Accounting for semi-finished products
  • Accounting for indirect costs
  • VAT accounting
  • NEW! Simplified and full personnel accounting, payroll calculation. Expanded the possibility of recording working hours. There is an opportunity to enter several production calendars, the main work schedule, use the simplified mode of accounting for charges.
  • The transition to full accounting can be done at any time without the need for data conversion. Formation of postings on the calculation of wages is possible in two modes – directly in the accrual document (when it is carried out), or by a separate document “Reflection of wages in accounting” at the end of the period. Accounting for settlements with staff in subaccounts of account 66 “Calculations for employee benefits” can be conducted, both for each employee separately, and in general for all personnel.
  • Tax accounting for income tax
  • Simplified system of taxation
  • Automated regulatory operations performed at the end of the month, including currency revaluation, deferred expenses, future financial results and other
  • A full set of standard accounting reports (turnover-balance sheets, a chess sheet, a general ledger, etc.)
  • Automated formation and delivery of regulated reporting with the help of “Zvіt”
  • Synchronization of data with the “Trade Management 3”, “Salary and Human Resources” configurations.

Comfortable user experience

The “Taxi” interface

  • The new design of the function menu increases the visibility of the perception
  • The ability to “design” a workplace
  • “The history of discovery”: entries by dates, convenient search in history


  • Data, commands, documents can be added to favorites in “one-click”: from the form, function menu, dialog, history
  • Search in favorites
  • Ability to rename favorite items
  • Full-text search management

Работа через Web-интерфейс

Advantages of using "Accounting for Ukraine 2.0"

Head of the enterprise

With the help of the bookmark “Manager”, the manager can watch and use the reporting tool in “Accounting” himself. In this section, reports are collected, most in demand by the manager in the form of tables and diagrams.

Sales Managers

In this program, managers work effectively, issue invoices (the document “Account for payment to the buyer”), analyze the balances in warehouses without binding to the accounts of the account (the report “Balances on the warehouse”), track payments (reports “Debts of buyers under contracts”, ” Debts of buyers on lines of a debt “,” Debt of suppliers under contracts “,” Debt of suppliers on terms of a debt “, etc.).


  • Settings of “types of contact information”
  • Possibility to expand the list of information with the help of additional properties (details and information).
  • Search and elimination of duplicates
  • Data prohibition date
  • Backup and Restore
  • Versioning
  • Convenient reports for the administrator: user activity, analysis of user activity, control of the log, duration of the regulated tasks.

Accounting department

Bank accountant

See the list of approved applications for spending money and at the touch of a button makes a completed order, then fills in the discharge of payments to the “Client-Bank” system and forms accounting entries.

Fixed assets accountant

  • Keeps a clear record of all fixed assets on the balance sheet of the enterprise and performs operations with the OS, regulated by law: accounting for the arrival of new OS, commissioning, wear, indexing for operation, transfer to repair, acceptance from repair, fixing repairs or upgrading OS, fixing the transfer and sale of OS, etc .;
  • Each event related to the OS is reflected in the corresponding printed form approved by the Ukrainian legislation;
  • OS cards are automatically generated.

Accountant / Settlement Accountant

Automatically formed forms of regulated reporting, such as “Form-1DF”, a declaration on personal income tax, reports on a single social tax, as well as statistical reports on work.

For the accounting department as a whole

  • The program has a desktop with bookmarks, on which, for each site, a scheme for entering primary documents is drawn. Thus, the program itself leads the accountant to the formation of the correct regulated reporting for a certain period;
  • Automatic generation of reports (a report on cash flow, a report on sales volumes, a report on accounts receivable and payable) for the head of the enterprise. This feature allows you to abandon the painstaking work on the accounts.

Chief Accountant

Automatic generation and filling of a full set of standard-regulated statements – balance sheet, financial results report, profit declaration, single tax reports, excise tax calculations and others. Thanks to the “Zvit” system, you can not only create these reports, but also sign them electronically and send them electronically to the necessary authorities.

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