Autodesk Revit Panel integration with 1C: Enterprise 8

Autodesk Revit
Calling and importing materials from the accounting system 1C: Enterprise 8

Autodesk Revit. Export specifications in 1C: Enterprise 8

Integration of Autodesk Revit systems and 1C systems

  • Revit’s built-in Control Panel for Add-ins technology with the Revit API
  • Using 1C Web Services for Two-Way Integration
  • Using the Revit API to select materials from the 1C system
  • Unloading Revit specifications to 1C

Design experience in BIM

1. Preliminary calculation of the value of the property

1.1 Adding parameter values for calculating the value of real estate

1.2 Changing the position of the elements in the model with automatic calculation of area and cost

2. Preparation of data for obtaining estimates in the 1C system from Revit

Integration of Revit with directories of materials 1C

Preparation of data in Revit for the formation of an estimate in 1C

Export Revit specification to 1C system

Formation of specifications and estimates in the 1C system

3. Visualization of BIM models in Navisworks

Getting a 3D model visualization, with the ability to create views and sections, sections

Ability to create videos with
bypass and fly around the 3D model, and
the ability to add animations to
individual elements of the model

4. Construction Planning Process

Integration with MSProject. Forming a Gantt Chart

Loading a plan in Navisworks, visualizing the construction process
Showing the degree of building readiness in real time

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