APS-Enterprise: Technical preparation of production

Functional diagram of the module “APS-TPP”

Maintenance of reference books

Main Nomenclature Reference Books

Maintenance of the product

Options for working out the composition

Designing a composition


CAD of technological processes (CAD-TP)

  • Knock-off
  • Process Design
  • Rationing (material and labor)

CAD-TP: Design Methods

CAD-TP: Versioning and variation

CAD-TP: Designing of the route route

CAD-TP: Design of the technological process

CAD-TP: Rationing of material resources

Design of technological process. Rationing of material

CAD-TP: Labor standardization

CAD-TP: Final Calculations

Specification GOST 2.108-68 (ST SEV 2516-80)

The evaluation list

Set of documents

Title page


Route Map

Sketch map

Application for special equipment

Production Specification

The sheet of the specified labor input

The sheet of the specified labor input