PJSC “Arcada” (Kiev) and “A-Prosystem” Ltd. (Sumy) announce the release of new versions of the platform of the “APS-Enterprise” system and update the web-module “APS-infosphere”, actively used by Ukrainian enterprises for the technical preparation, planning and dispatching of production.

Systems are adapted to modern software platforms, extended integration mechanisms with a wide range of systems used in the work of industrial enterprises, an updated Web-module for dispatching heterogeneous production processes and subunits, and a functionalized “portions” launch of products.

Prices for the configuration and modules of the system “APS-Enterprise” from 01/15/2018. will be raised by an average of 20%.

“APS-Enterprise” – system of technical preparation and planning and dispatching of production provides:

  • Manage Product Data, Projects, and Changes.
  • Manage the configuration of numbered items.
  • Designing of technological processes, material and labor valuation.
  • Planning of production taking into account the restrictions on the resources of production orders (loading equipment, the availability of materials and components, etc.).

«APS-infosphere» – Web-oriented system of consolidation of heterogeneous topical design and technological data for operational control and dispatching of production.

We propose to consider the use of the proposed solutions in the work of your company. Are you ready to hold the necessary presentations and discuss the implementation of systems in accordance with your objectives.

From 01/15/2018 prices for “APS-Enterprise” system modules increase

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