Most products of the 1C system: Enterprise is being modernized by moving to an innovative platform on managed forms. So, for example, the most modern were “Accountancy 8” edition 2.0, Accountancy building organization, Management of a small firm for Ukraine, etc.

From July 01, 2019 price:

“Management of a trading enterprise” – 22 000 UAH.
From September 01, 2019 price:

“Management of a production enterprise” – 140 000 UAH.

Truthfully, there are software solutions that are very popular, albeit on the old platform – these include the Management of a trading enterprise (MTE) and the Management of a production enterprise (MPE). Despite the fact that the developers have released new products to replace them, such as BAS ERP, configurations in Ukraine: MTE and MPE are still very popular among users, so the decision was made to leave them on sale, but to change the price upwards. This change is based on the fact that developers are engaged in the development of new software solutions and services to support the programs of the previous generation are becoming more expensive.




Changes in prices for software products 1C:Enterprise

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